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AMD has a proud tradition going back to 1993 of providing its readers with the best possible independently sources international product information and supplier news service in the world.

Yes, of course we write about the parts and accessories our advertisers have to offer, but more than two thirds of every edition of AMD is about firms who rarely or never advertise with us. This is because we understand the importance of providing a rock solid, impartial information service that dealers can rely upon.

Although AMD is mailed free of charge to its readers, we never forget that when a busy Powersports professional reads our pages, he or she is buying our magazine with something far more precious than the few Dollars a magazine costs, something that all of us have strictly limited amounts of, something that can never be replaced... TIME.

To repay that investment, to win that time in a competitive media market, we work hard to make sure that AMD is 100% relevant, readable, and reliable. AMD's unique "information-rich" approach is the envy of other publishers and the hallmark of a publication that really can deliver the results its advertisers need.

What does all this mean for you?
It means AMD has a genuinely "open access" editorial policy and that we are genuinely pleased to receive relevant material for editorial consideration from all potential Harley® aftermarket suppliers, whoever you are, wherever you are.

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