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About The 'e-Club'

The 'e-Club' is a FREE digital news service from the publishers of AMD, IDN and Motorcycle Fashion, which delivers the latest industry news and information directly to your inbox, every day.

There are two versions of the 'e-Club' to bring you the news most relevant to your sector of the motorcycle industry...

AMD 'e-Club' The AMD 'e-Club' provides news and information coverage for V-twin industry professionals.
Delivering the most important stories relating to the Harley-Davidson aftermarket.
IDN 'e-Club' The IDN 'e-Club' delivers news bulletins covering all other sectors of the main motorcycle market.
Including coverage of the Off-road, ATV, sportsbike, scooter and metric cruiser market sectors.
As well as providing you with information about the motorcycle fashion industry.

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