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Complete Your Builder Book Listing

About The AMD Builder Book  |  Complete Your Builder Book Listing

Complete the form below and click 'submit' to send us your details for inclusion in the second edition of the AMD Builder Book.

The standard Builder Book entry includes company logo, one bike shot and the details on the following form.

Tick the box next to any information you do not want displayed in the published Builder Book.

Fields marked * must be completed.

Complete Your Builder Book Listing
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Details of preferred chromer/plater(if any, address/phone/website/email etc)
Details of preferred painter(if any, address/phone/website/email etc)
Please contact me regarding double-sized listing for $395
Please contact me regarding display advertising
You will be contacted to send us your logo and selected bike pictures after you have submitted the form.

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If there are any details that are incomplete then we may contact you by phone/fax/e-mail.
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