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Monday 26th November 2018

AMD World Championship Editor's Choice (Andy Hornsby, UK)

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American-V and Spirit of 1901 Magazines

"I'll be the first to admit that I approach custom bikes from the traditional end of the spectrum, and as a rider rather than a builder my editor's choice will always be an aesthetically beautiful bike that I would want in my garage, fuelled-up and ready to roll.

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After much soul-searching, I managed to reduce this most diverse collection of motorcycles that I've ever seen assembled into one place down to five that "speak to me", and subsequently down to two once I had accounted for the riding position: Union Speed and Style's 1940's concept Knuck and Abnormal Cycle's 101 Scout-framed UH.

Union Speed & Style - Sourkraut

But as much as I love the chassis built-up from original frame forgings and the sheer authenticity of the most desirable Knucklehead that I've ever seen - enough to pass it by initially, wondering what it was doing in Freestyle class - the combination of parts that all speak the same language, Abnormal's "Anniversary" just about tops the list for me.

From the late big-inch Harley flathead powertrain and CB Franklin's elegant duplex chassis, with its underslung fuel tank and early push-type leaf-spring forks, through to the tight-fitting three-quarter length rear fender that is wrapped round one of a pair of over-spoked 21-inch Jonich wheels on billet hubs (the rear designed to incorporate a re-engineered FG racing brake that I'm hoping will make up for the lack of a front brake) it is as timeless as it is functional.

Abnormal Cycles - Anniversary

A bike that I'd want to ride everyday - with or without the matching sidecar that is referenced on the card, but wasn't fitted.

Andy Hornsby

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